Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Women, Shopping and Sex

This article got me really excited, not just because I have a secret love of watching women shop, but because I have a secret hate of the guys who wait patiently outside- looking and feeling like real dorks.

It's good to see that someone else has noticed another connection between money, women, shopping and sex.

Here is the link/address to the article :


And here is what I wrote in response on my Facebook :
Well this is very interesting - it supports a theory I have about shopping with women. When you both walk past that gorgeous clothes shop and you suddenly realised she's no longer beside you but back in the shop - go back into the shop yourself. it will surprise you how many admiring looks you get from other females in the shop. It's actually a three way compatibility- they get horny because you appreciate looking and touching female apparel, you get horny because the materials feel so damned good, and when she finally notices that you are brave enough to be in a woman's domain as she exits the change room - she gets horny too. I call that a win/win/win situation.