Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Russians Kill a Dog

The most important thing about this news article, is that the owner of the house will be compensated ? Wot ? You mean that he'll get a VCR of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and a year's free supply of Vodka and a title to 1000 hectares of desolate Tundra.I think it would be more fun sending what remains of the Russian Army to pillage his Village and rape every female and male under the age of 14. That'll show the fucken' dissisdents who's the Boss. What really makes me roll all over the floor in laughter spilling my JD - is that the Russians were the first to send a living species into space. It was a DOG - and it died. That's really brave of you sick bastards. And while I'm on the subject of ignorance......Why the fuck did you extinguish the Romanov Blood Line.. The Last best thing you ever did was NOT let Napoleon conquer Moscow with over 140,000 troops. You made the poor bastard walk all the way back home - losing 100,000 toops to frostbite and starvation and with no boots to walk in. The Second best thing you ever did was make an alcoholic drink called "ABSALUTE CUT".....but, you poor fuckers can't even shouda' called it "ABSOLUTE CUNT" ----- I woulda' drunk to that !
Fragments of a Russian satellite that failed to launch properly have fallen in a street named after cosmonauts in a remote Siberian village, residents say.