Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jesuz Street

I can pace my whole loungeroom far and wide

searching for a drink of beer that I misplaced

looking high and look low I cannot find that witch I know.

She is here somewhere I placed

but I cannot find in my emotional disgrace

the street where I left her and my steps I cannot retrace.

I have crawled on the floor following the threads

my heart is displaced from your womb

there is no choice but to follow my soul to its tomb.

Sometimes I wish to make a platter

a spread of all your earthly delights

just something soft and juicy to get me through the night.

A jealous man I may be

but give me your love and open your heart

you may be surprised of how we managed to spend so much time apart.

Do not display your breasts in all their glory

all I want to do is abandon myself to their valley

and fall to my knees in awe of your beauty.

I have a ticket to ride and I have paid the price

for a fare on the road to paradise

yet you tease me and leave me with no choice.