Friday, March 9, 2012

Eleven Rules of a Level Playground.

1 : I am the Master of my Web-blogs.

2 : I have not authorised you to own my input.

3. And...even if  I did, I can prove that I own my input. There is a timeline and I don't see you authoring anything of mine.

4. You are infringing Copyright laws.

5. You are claiming false ownership.

6. Therefore, I accuse you of theft and infringement of copyright.

7. If you want to take from me what is mine - please quote the precedent giving you the right.

8. As a faceless individual - you have no rights.

9.I hereby challenge you to a duel.

10. You won't turn up to defend yourself because you are anonymous - you have no honour.

11. Fuck up or Shut up.