Monday, June 18, 2012

A Small Man Adrift in a Big Boat.

I have returned home again
to a universe unlike yours.

There is nothing in place
in this nothing of space.

Someone has been as a goblin unseen
to a piece of this parcel of dreams.

I find things disturbed
not where they should have been.

And all the little I can do
is prepare a scheme.

My altar is now arranged
some order in this place so deranged.

So little do I know
of the ways of the world.

That I bow in reverence
in respect of how little I know.

I am a giant in this land of ants
I am a dragon in this dream of cants.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ode of the Baby Dragon

When you sleep under a rainbow and you rememember everything you were told as a child

that everything begins at the ends of the bow and at either there you will find a pot of gold

while you grow to a be adult as you learn from your faults that every all is not true as you thought you were told.

Do you rember dancing in the rain feeling the bounce of drops on your skin ?

and remember dancing with your pain as it oozes from within

and yet you feel like as though  you were still only ten and that you would like to be - just you.

Do you retch from the odour of sweetness as it steams from your misplaced whims

whilst knowing that your baggage won't get past the customs as is wont to be when you wish to become  accustomed to your sins.

but you remember the concrete and honey that you wished would give birth to a dream.

There are nightmares on the sidewalks and turds on the ground,

so you must step caustiously in your haste to move around the carnage you have found,

but the damage inflicted on the soles of your travelling shoes is the baggage on your back that is a load you can bearly bear.

Yet you take a trip to somewhere you don't know, on a ticket you could not refuse to buy,

in the wish that sometime you will somehow stumble upon the passage that will get you by.