Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easier Water Sales

I just had to reply to this NEWS item, because it's way too late for me to be upset like this.

Here is what I said about this on my personal Facebook, and because I'm such a twat and dissenter and an egotist, I just thought everyone else needed to know about this. And this is happening in the same country where poor folks in Alabama can't afford to pay for the basic commodities of water and sewerage.

I actually find it amusing that the One percenters who hold the wealth do not yet seem to be scared of the Ninety Nine percenters who hold the poverty and the power to rebel. The rich pissants will eventually be holed up in the mansions and banks while the poor majority will have taken over the streets.

This is not my personal delusion - I know history - and it will repeat itself.

P.S.- I am ashamed that we do not yet have a spokesperson for all this. Maybe Rock and Roll really is the answer (if we take it from the hands of MTV - Dire Straights were right!) And come to think of it that is probably why John Lennon was assasinated - he could get the message across in such a beautiful powerful way - and people listened. Which reminds me- I think Yoko Ono knows more than she tells - come out of your shell dear - don't be so afraid. We need SOMEONE who hasn't sold out.

Hey, that gives me a great idea - vote for me - I'm not scared. (maybe I really have consumed waaay too many illicit materials tonight !).

 Anyway, here is my post to Facebook, the article of which I found on Twitter
 God Bless you all.........STAY CONNECTED.
What the F..K. Mother Nature gives birth to me and then makes me pay for some obscure Biblical Original Sin by taxing me all my life with ignorance, poverty, indecision, marrige, divorce and bankruptcy, inhaling polutants, failing health, all my friends passing away before I do, being confined to a single room when I'm so old that I shit my self like a baby - and then die and get placed in a pine box in the dirt while all my inheritors fight over my hard earned pile of crap. Jesus, isn't that enough tax to pay for living on this crummy posioned ball of earth that's slowly being sucked into a black hole. And now we have ANOTHER country forcing us to pay for H20.
Flippin' hell, Noah endured 40 days and nights so we could have all this water - IT was bestowed on us to re-create life. All I gotta' say to that - "is that if all you one percenters were on fire it's gonna be a lot cheaper (and a lot more fun) pissing on you because we can't afford the water".
Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein quietly used a $915 billion spending bill to accomplish a long-standing and, in some circles, controversial goal of easing Central Valley water sales.