Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Had A Dream - (re: bikerMetric)

I would like to thank BIKERMETRIC for returning this to me.......I wrote this in response to an article they posted - ( an article I hope I can link to this for your benefit ).

They went beyond their own specifed limits of wordage ( 32, in fact ! ) and would therefore not post it.

I wrote it once, from my soul, and was afraid I had lost it forever.....I asked them to return it to me - and they did - but they went one step further - they actually did publish it.

I am so grateful that I don't quite know how to express my thanks.

But here is what I wrote :
Spirukas Goblinono said...
I had a dream too. I dreamt that people took to the streets, overturned authority, stopped paying banks back what they owed, stopped buying all the shit they really didn't need that was overpriced anyway,turned their housing estates into small self sufficient communities, stopped immigration and emigration, bought only locally made goods, sold their cars, took over the petrol companies and all bought motorcycles. The established bikie gangs stopped infighting and pledged to look after the new age of each independent homesteader and community - they have the werapons and organisation to rule and judge effectively.And then we rounded up all the rich bastards and bitches who started this financial crisis in the great age of advertising and mass production back in the years after the 2nd world war, and hung them all on crosses all over the countryside-alive! and let all the animals of the world feed on the scumbags. Then we left the cities to crumble and decay amongst the weeds and roots and trees that eventually broke down the mega concrete and steel sructures. We outlawed pornography to protect our children and used the gift of the World Wide Web for our benefit to spread the word of revolution and peace.
I dreamt that this all took place within 5 years and that I was the one who started the revolution that saved our planet and returned it back to the forces of nature and the wild beasts.
I also dreamt that there was no God except us and that WE need to make the right choices to protect this planet in honour of all the people who died in vain because they had no support.
I awoke startled and joyous - because WE are the 99 percenters and we outnumber them 100 to one.
And then I cried with happiness at what could so easily be achieved if we all just stopped being so scared of the enigma of the Big Brother.
          * I am so wasted at 4.41 in the morning that I hope I can post this right - Thank you.