Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome to Hell

I feel so comfy that all this digital web networking that I put so much effort into is really touching readers' hearts and souls. I acknowledge that no one actually reads this because they are all so busy wading through all the trivia of today and the porn and the pointless emails that they feel so obligated to reply to because they sooo need to feel wanted and listened too.

I can hear all the lonely hearts echoing through the stratosphere, I can hear the cracking noise of all those important cries for help as they become slowly inundated by all the other self justified cries of help as their personal Titanical souls fade into oblivion.

It seems necessary to sink into oblivion whilst saving women and children first. Forgive us, lest we forget the sperm wasted during our orgasmic attempts to seek self fullfillment in the cause of procreation.

You may just as well ejaculate your jism over the screen of life that presents itself as reality and insert your digit into the vagina of wanton deviancy that permeates your pathetic existance.

We are all so complacently comfortable in the soothing folds of ecstacy that occupy our six second sexual existance while we masturbate our minds to orgasm - and then we feel that we have achieved such satisfaction that all our problems are solved.

How many of you have climaxed in a juicy blend of juices and after-glow, that all of your problems, his and hers, seem inconsequential relative to the problems of the universe? And how many of you, after thrusting your organs to climax, have lain there not actually enjoying the squirting of bodily fluids, after having heaved your last muscle and breath, have instantly thought of all the other problems you face in the alltogether reality of the human social existance and it's fucked up awkwardness.

And, the copulation seems to be such an awkward ugly thing - a mutual masturbation that cannot be shared because you each really gain so much more more more pleasure from playing with yourself - because YOU know what you want.

That is such a hard thing for humans to share. We are all so fucked up by our expectations and comparisons with what we think is normal is based on what we are lead to believe is normal. We have let others dictate what our dicks and cunts need that we forget reality.

Man and woman are not the monagamus creatures we have been lead to believe. We are only animals or even less than that - creatures that instinctively fuck and procreate according to the whims of Mother Nature. We serve a single purpose only.

Humanity; in fact, any species of animal, insect, plant, fungus or bacteria is only a small jab in the darkness of evolution.

We have all been engineered by Mother Nature as an experiment in survival. We, as humans, are insignificant in the masterplot of the universe. We, and all of nature, are just another experiment in nature's plan to produce the ideal species that suits the envirionment that we manufacture.

We are going nowhere. We are insignificant in the total realm of time. We have not even existed for one single second in the twenty four hour clock of the universe.

So feel free to twitter away, plunge into that twat, punch out your frustrations on that keyboard, take out your frustrations beating your wife or your best friend or your enemy, drink yourself merry, drug yourself mindless, fuck your self stupid - and when you suddenly have that epiphany that you really understand that you know what this is really all about, don't kid yourself.

You are are a sperm. One of millions who successfully made the journey from the cunt to the womb. All that makes you feel important and necessary is that you, as a little blob of cum, managed to outswim the the rest, had the intelligence to cling to the membrane wall and penetrate the uterus. After that, you lost your independence, you lost you will, you lost any free choice - you became a slave to sex.....and that is your only reason for your existence.

For God's sake, get over it, get a soul, have a heart, show some compassion, stop being a cunt - the same one you came from. You are a victim. You are a tool. You are being used by nature to make a better world out of this place. You are an instrument. Stop thinking that you are so fucking important.

You originally had two choices - and only two : either you swam like fucking crazy - and that was the best thing you ever did ( beat the million others competing for your position ) or dry up as a little white dead blob on a blanket of love.

For God's sake, get over it. The only God you really believe in is YOU. Well have I got news for you - NO ONE really gives a fuck. That's why humans wage war. That's why humans kill. That's why humans insult and demean. That's why humans rape and pillage. That's why humans scream and grab. That's why humans think that they are important.

That's why humans think they are so important and necessary - because they just cannot accept the fact that they are NOT really that important or necessary.

It's probably a good thing ( and nature's plan ) that we murder and abort and wage war and kill our enemies.

We are a plague on this planet. We are vermin. We are Sodom and Gomorrah. We are Adam and Eve, but we fucked up.......we thought we were the masters of the universe, but all we are is the Masters of Our own Downfall.

HELL is where we deserve to be. Science will not save us. Religion will not save us. Politics will not save us. Sex will not save us. War will not save us. Alcohol and drugs will not save us.

We are trapped in an endless existance of consentual mutual masturbation that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Congratulations to you all. Welcome to Hell. This is where I live.