Saturday, February 11, 2012

We bide our time alone, with angels by our side
But we don't hear, because we can't see.
We live a meagre reality, because it's all we can feel.

One daily time alone, it's all we can be
Too afraid to compensate, too tired to be free.
Working hard to see what is real.

We shed our skins, trying to rejuvenate
Whatever it is that to keep us grounded,
Anything we have to feel well rounded.

And we fight the demons that cursed us since Adam
Found his Eve
Can we have permission to take our leave.

This mortal coil, anchors us to the earth
A serpentile foil, twisted in agony
Fighting our destiny that must be.

Cast me off to drift alone
Let me be - alone, to fight my fate
Solitary, guarded, holding my fort as a last resort.