Sunday, December 11, 2011

News With Balls

I was so incensed by a blogg site called "Newswithnipples" and the fact that I now feel such an idiot for following it on 'Twitter' that I posted the following reply to the twat that tweets so much inconsequential nonsense :

Exactly what I was wondering - why do you tell us guys this stuff ? A PhD and you call your audience 'guys'. Women are not guys, they are female. The first women to call an audience of any sex "guys" were lesbians back in the 90's. They said that to make them feel gender neutral - because they were afraid of being ostracized and they believed it was sooo 'touchy/feely'. Us 'guys' don't really wanna' hear this stuff, that's why we stand around at parties getting pissed and talking 'man' stuff like cars and guns and cunts. (Fuck yeah you heard me right - I can swear too!). We don't wanna' hear this stuff because the stuff that women waste time talking about, I call 'rabbiting'. You start a conversation about something and sidetrack somewhere else and then somewhere else and then somewhere else and eventually come back to the subject - but of course it's all connected to the same theme - and eventually you come back to the point you started on. It's what rabbits do - they take all that time digging all those burrows that connect back to the one place. But a man/bloke/guy just comes out and fucken' says it, gets a response and moves on. We cover more ground in 5 minutes than you will cover in 5 hours. That's what I meant when I said "I don't really give a rats toot" about who's doing what to whom and who's not paying.
I originally thought "news with nipples" was a clever pun on "news with balls" and it was actually written by a guy - woops, sorry, I meant 'man', but when you start demeaning your partner by calling him 'man friend' and dribble on about vomittng and shitting and your weird fashions I am repulsed.
I have also realised that having a PhD is not the same as having communication and life skills.
And, I am sorry if I have offended women, men, lesbians and journalists, but fuck me, get a life will ya'.

* Here is the address/link for the aforementioned article :