Sunday, October 25, 2015


Good evening officer

Please, why are you here ?

Is it as it may you are appointed

By an anonymous decree.

Do my neighbours have a problem

Or are they sad

That they lack the fortitude

And the guts to object.

I suffer compassion for those who fear

So many principals

They hold dear

Entrails overcome by tears.

Let those alone who suffer

Placate their heart

There are many more who strive

To shed the shackles that circle their heart.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


The mirror on my door as a wall
Has slipped to half my height.
I need to crouch to see
What mother nature left me
A knot from my umbilical cord.

The stage has been set
I can only play me.
There is no need to observe
My audience is free
To judge and dissect my internal.

At a place and time of my decision
I have no right to be here
Only by divine intervention
Do I proclaim my insanity
Place me in a box and I will finally be free.

Monday, October 12, 2015


I have two cucumbers here

And an electric toothbrush that I fear.

I have an erection under way

Costing me over a thousand dollars a day.

I have an obsession with making decisions

That may make it easy for me

To lubricate my way

In my search for you.

I have a field of monuments

Erected daily to fuel my greed

Wet and greasy nights dealing the blues

Endless nightmares dreaming of you.

I have an arrangement of tools

Endlessly charged to help make you happy

Just take a walk to my counter

Swaying your hips but just make it snappy.

I know a party of fools

Who drool over young girls in schools

But this is not how I think of you

My love for you is hard statuesque and true.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Economy Shopping

It seems better to operate my time
With two beers on the go rather than one.

Spending my time lubricating egos
Rather than my own.

Oh I know so that I want to be home
Juicing my ego all alone.

Sometimes I wonder and I atone
Many things bother me about what I should have known.

So many questions so many tones
And so many shades of colours of things I don't know.

About so many things I could have left alone.
But I economise and shop on my own.

Racing through the aisles of my life
And my memories that are
So much a part of me
Traipsing the aisles of a deserted Aldi.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pet Peevs - Part 2.

Hi. Today's thing that really peevs me off.

Or....Things that push my Brownie the wrong way - Part 2

There seems to be an element of suspicious Crowd Sourcing or maybe call it Crowd Flashing in Middle Eastern European countries - I call it the Sand Belt.

Why oh why does the Western Media insist on depicting the grief felt by inhabitants of the Sand Belt ( that is all those countries between Turkey and India ) by filming "grab-bites" of emotionally stricken elderly or middle aged women who have suddenly become childless due to some unexpected missile or random bomb attack.

This Religious War has been operating for thousands of years in that area.
Please explain to me why there are no trees, no visible street, pavement or any signs of an emerging civilized urban structure.
Please convince me that these people are not living in a desert that once supported a thriving ancient civilization that dominated half of the known world because they and other greedy Western pseudo Democracy's wanted to rape the geography of the land in the pursuit of oil money.

You need only study the efforts of the British Empire to conquer and divide the Sand Belt ( with the help of Lawrence of Arabia and the Turkish Government ) in the early 1900's to realise that it was all an attempt to legitimize the interests of British Petroleum, still known today as BP.

But enough of my history lecture - I have rambled on to illustrate my point.

I'm fully done with seeing grieving scarf clad women in tears and men dressed in white sheets and billowing pantaloons splattered with blood. I'm bored with seeing the remains of mutilated innocents worshiped as idols whilst being lifted with wooden poles into retro makeshift ambulances.

Give me the real movie. The one that ridicules the Sand Belt governments as Poverty Merchants who prostitute their populace as ignorant peasants. The documentary that depicts the Sand Belt as trying to support a civilization that is not very civilized and one that insists on continuing a war based on religious division that is slowly but determinedly infecting the rest of the world with its fucked up ideologies.


Pet Peevs - Part 1.

Today's list of things that peev me off :

1 - "trends are moving forwards".......well, duh, that's what a trend is. It's an increasing occurrence.

2 - "down the track" about 'up the track' or 'no track', or how about 'up shit creek in a barb wire canoe'. Maybe, 'in the future' might suffice ?

3 - Why is it that mankind can land 12 people who walked on the moon in 3 years since 1969 and yet I still can't make a reliable mobile phone call between Heallesville and Belgrave, or Croydon and Rosebud. Is technology going backwards ?

4 - The amount of money spent by the US on Iraq / Iran wars since 2001 = One Trillion Dollars = If you spent $1 million a day since Jesus was born, you would have not spent $1 trillion by now. No wonder the world and especially the US is in a financial depression.......and meanwhile there are still starving, uneducated, homeless people the world over !

5 - People suffering the floods in Northern NSW are having to wait eight working days for the Insurance Assessors to attend. What ? are they traveling by friggin' horse ? 8 working days really means a fortnight, what? How come the Stock Exchange operates 7 days a week, isn't that working ? And isn't Sunday a Thursday somewhere else in the world ?

6 - 100 kmh speed signs. That is actually 62 mph old school, not very fast at all. A horse trots at around 9 mph and a person walks at about 3 mph. If speed limits continue to be lowered we might as well all learn to crawl - and get booked for it !

7 - What is the fascination with watching bicycle racing on tv ? Is it for the rippling bodies under shiny lycra or is it for the view of those shiny man-bums. No, it's really for the thrill of waiting for a spill and seeing all that shiny plastic melt into their skin as they hit the bitumen. Silly fuckers. And have they never heard heard of the increased risk of genital cancer and lower sperm counts as a result of a bound and heated up pocket rocket package ?

8 - What are bicyclists doing on roads anyway ? It's only a result of legislation banning them from footpaths because they were a danger to pedestrians. But now they're a friggin' danger to other motorists. And they pay no registration, have their own shiny-bum bike lanes and don't obey the road rules !

9 - "transparency',,,,,actually means that you can see right through it all the way. to the bullshit. So how does that make it any better than real bullshit ?

10 - "yes /no"..........actually techno-speak for "yes I agree with you but I can't wait for you to shut up so that I can have my say".

..............and that's only today !