Monday, March 29, 2010

I Twit Therefore I Am

"I think therefore I am".

Rene' Descartes said that.

What was that about?

Maybe Rene' was a little concerned about the justification for his existence. It didn't seem sensible to him that as a living creature he was indistinguishable from animals and amoeba purely because religious dogma dictated that he was one of God's created creatures and therefore subject to the same laws that reduced all creation to subservience.

He believed that the only difference between all other living creatures and humanity was that he had the ability to make decisions. This, and this alone separated him from the fate that awaited all descendants of the Garden of Eden.

As a man, he concluded that he was able to consider choices and make decisions based on HIS assessment and understanding of all the facts the universe presented to him. To his chagrin, he decided that HE, and he alone was responsible for his destiny and not GOD.

Flip forward almost 360 years and witness the embodiment of that ideal.

"I Twit therefore I am."

Which just begs me to ask : What is a Twit ?

And, just for the record; may I say that no Google's were harmed or accessed during this experiment - all this information is obtained from BOOKS. (remember them, the things that Ray Bradbury so highly praised in "Farenheit 451")!

To Twit................To Do...............What?

Twit is the verb of Twat.

What is a Twat?

A Twat is a word derived from the old Norse language. In its original context it conveyed an image of a forest clearing. It came to mean a cut through a swathe, as in a gash in the bush.

In fact, you wont find it in most dictionaries because it's sort of a dirty word.

A twat soon came to mean a description of the predominate female sexual organ.

And yet, an alternative meaning of the word is a reference to an idiot or imbecile.

In fact, Benny Hill often used it in his dialogues.

But I hear your say; "how can you put a reference to an imbecile as pertinent to Descartes?"

Well, I say; "purely because I can."

If you have a better reason to justify your existence, please; I wanna' know about it!

You spend so much time trying to get your message out, that you don't have time to listen to what anyone else is saying.

Face it dude. You are just one of many who post a cry in the wilderness, and all you are going to hear is an echo.

No one is really listening - you just like to think they are - you justify it by saying "I think therefore I am".

Hey man, get a life.

Do you think anyone really cares. Nup. Not me, not you, not a god, not a dog.

No one really cares about anything unless it is something they can take off you.

Rene' had already figured that out.

He was damned sure that he was going to BE.

He wasn't gonna' be 'Mister Goody Two Shoes' just so he could be nice to everyone and win friends, die happy, be placed in a pine box and get eaten by worms. Shit no! The afterlife was not the answer. He wanted to make a stand NOW. No pussyfootin' around, no countin' your eggs before they're hatched.

Goddamn, there is no afterlife!

Rene' was not not going to live in fear of the Lord. He was not going to be indoctrinated to acquiesce to a far greater being and succumb to the power of the 'almighty."

Hell no. He was a man, and proud of it! This was exactly what made him distinct from divinity.

He carried the eternal burden of Adam and Eve's fornication and as far as he was concerned - it was fun.

How dare God intervene in his madness. It was his choice. Isn't that exactly the purpose that God had placed him here for - To make decisions!

How dare God and others judge, because they claim the right to possess an ability to understand and to know the wrath of the lord.


There, I said it.

Be gone with you Beelzebub. Come into the temple and cast the money makers aside!

I dare you.


Oh Gee. I'm still waiting - where the hell are you -did you miss the train?

Thesaurus is the new God, not Google, not Geeks.

Please refer to your dictionaries -

TWIT : ass, berk, clown, divvy, halfwit, idiot, nerd, nurd, nitwit, numskull, numbskull, pillock, prat, schmuck, ,simpleton, wally, (or, as many would say: you stupid c..t).


(posted by an idiot. Bless you all. The Year of Our Lord, 2010)