Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marijuana for Dopes?

A Comment:

Thank you for an interesting article. I received a link to this via Twitter and the timing is auspicious.

It confirms something I already suspected.

I have been smoking cannabis for 35 years and have recently had to give it up because I just was not getting enough sleep. It was actually making me smoke more to try and get stoned and I was depriving myself of sleep awaiting a bigger hit - but it never came!

But what I have also noticed is that the effects of the new breeds of marijuana do not really get me as stoned as I used to get many years ago. It actually heightens awareness of my surroundings but no longer opens the doors of perception. It also seems to have a delayed 'trigger effect' that manifests itself as an emotional discomfort and makes me want more, about 18 hours later.

Yet, the strange thing is, I can still smoke most people under the table, and just have to laugh at all those younger people who say they can't have more than 3 or 4 without passing out or going to sleep.

What many people don't know, or remember, is the great effects of really good dope.

Unfortunately, they probably never will because whilst the lawmakers have been encouraging debate on the issue they still refuse to actually take a concerted stand.

And they refuse to take a stand because they are quite happy to have a large portion of the population totally doped out, happy and complacent, uncommitted and uncaring, whacked out of their tiny brains, with only one thing on their minds - scoring their next bag!

This all contributes to the despairing state of our current uncaring, apathetic society.

So I found my own answer. After fighting psychosis, depression,sleep deprivation, nightmares and bouts of insecurity, I decided to stop being a Canniboholic and become an Alcoholic. Which is quite ironic considering that the only thing that ever kept me away from alcohol, was marijuana, and there aren't many drugs I haven't imbibed since I was 18 years old.But you know what? Now I have got my appetite back, now I want to go to sleep because I am naturally exhausted from dealing with all the crap that I used to just ignore because I was too stoned to care.Now I have a point of view, and I'm awake to the stoners.

Dope is for dopes. The growers know it and the politicians know it and the police know it because it's quite a pleasant little money spinner for them and it helps to keep the smokers all in line - because they're too stoned to care, and in that condition - no one is gonna' rock the boat.

A reply:


Calm down son, it'll be OK. It seems like you may have had a few bad experiences that you attribute to marijuana smoking. But, let's be fair to all the other smokers and tokers out there - you were probably going to have a bad trip no matter what drug, legal or otherwise, that you used.

Face it, some people can't handle reality, some can't handle drugs and some can't handle alcohol in a responsible manner. You need to ask yourself, which group do you belong to?

It's not fair to go slinging off at other people just because they have a habit or an addiction and you've also managed to cast rather a large net to capture and highlight your prejudices.

Yes, I am well aware of the theory that dope smoking causes psychosis but I am also aware of a few other things:

People who are inherently introverted seek solace in marijuana use because it tends to reaffirm their identity and gives them a place of harmony to nurse themselves,

and, there is evidence to suggest that those persons who are predisposed to excessive use suffer from heightened anxiety,

but,there are also people who are drawn to dope because they already suffer from problems of insecurity and paranoia and it alleviates the symptoms,

then, only later do they realize that their problems have not been fixed, only heightened by regular usage not to mention all the people who need to smoke marijuana because it keeps them away from all the other addictive substances so easily available from a local GP, a local bottle shop or a local drug dealer.

Some people actually do use it for relaxation or sleep therapy, as well as a medication used for pain relief.

However, I think I hear where you are coming from with your reference to "dope is for dopes". What you might be saying is that you regret your long term usage and now realize that your self-medication may not have really helped your situation.

You may also aware of how the dope culture has changed since the hippy hey-days, especially with the proliferation of more potent dope caused by genetic engineering, cross pollination and use of strange chemicals in the growing process, and the repeated overuse of bad seed stock.

Finally, I would just like to say, that if all else fails you should be surrounding yourself with good friends, dogs and the beautiful things in life - but not drugs!

I wish you good luck.

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