Monday, March 22, 2010

Why are you wearing a seatbelt ?

Why are you wearing a seatbelt ?

Because you're scared.

Why are you scared ?

I don't know, but you probably have your own reasons.

Well that's very fine, but really, please ask yourself, why are you scared ?

Are you scared of dying...........I certainly hope not !

Are you scared of living...........I certainly hope not !

So, what choice do you have ?

I don't have any choice, because the reasons to choose have been taken from me.

And the reason is ?...........I'm scared !

Good, that's a cool reason to be scared but what are you really scared of ?

Gee, I'm not sorta too sure ? - but I think it's something to do with the way I was bought up.

Excuse me ?

You say............bought up !

Are you saying you really mean to say that you were "bought"; does that mean you were "bought" here? and someone payed the price ?

Are you sure you were "bought" and not "brought".

There is a difference between being owned and being yourself.

Let's face the reality of the situation - go on, own up, you only know the reality of your own situation, no one else does !

What the fuck else did you expect ?

You are scared.

You are scared because you are trying to adhere to the rules.

What rules ? I hear you say !

The rules you accepted because you let other people make rules for you.

You wear a seat belt only because you are scared of your life !

It is synonymous with allegiance and ownership.

But excuse me, I'm a little concerned about being owned, can you explain that ?

Yes. What ever happened to you ?

Do you really have any choices ?

Hey dude, you didn't even have a choice to be here.

You're just some sperm that got lucky and got fertilized. So what makes you think you are so important ? You coulda' been some dried up bit of creamy white shit on a blanket !

Hell, get a life !

And may I ask what makes you feel important ?

Well, I seem to think that I matter because I have kids, but I really can't justify it more than that.

Wot ! Is that all ?

Yeah, sure, having kids is great. I can pass on my knowledge into the future and ensure a better future for mankind.

Wake up and smell the roses dude.

You were owned.

Face it. Someone fucked you over and you think that the best way to protect yourself is to play by the rules and pass on your survival instincts to the next generation.

Get a life ! Yep. YOUR life. It's to late when you're in a box. Wot you gonna' do - send Morse code!

It's too fucken' late then !

Do something now !


The rules are only made by idiots to protect the idiots because the rule makers believe that it is not safe for you to be an idiot on your own.

Safety in numbers dude.

Come on and face it. When did the rule makers ever do anything for you ?

All they ever did was prey upon your insecurities.

And you, in your confusion, decided the rest was the best !

Woops, come on dude. You been thinkin' like them, not you.

A democracy starts from a few, not many !

You wanna roll over and play dead ?

You already are.

It's too late too stop now - unless you don't wanna' wear a seat belt.

Choices, wow !

Shouldn't that not that be what you wanted to teach your kids ? !

Just because they didn't listen, does that mean that you should stop now !

*Please wear a seat-belt and feel relaxed.

Someone is lookin' out for you and hoping you don't make a great big claim against a great big idiot who was stupid enough to bend the rules.

*Democracy protects the innocents and favours the rich.

Whose side do you want to be on ?

Or are you sure you want to take sides ?