Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pet Peevs - Part 2.

Hi. Today's thing that really peevs me off.

Or....Things that push my Brownie the wrong way - Part 2

There seems to be an element of suspicious Crowd Sourcing or maybe call it Crowd Flashing in Middle Eastern European countries - I call it the Sand Belt.

Why oh why does the Western Media insist on depicting the grief felt by inhabitants of the Sand Belt ( that is all those countries between Turkey and India ) by filming "grab-bites" of emotionally stricken elderly or middle aged women who have suddenly become childless due to some unexpected missile or random bomb attack.

This Religious War has been operating for thousands of years in that area.
Please explain to me why there are no trees, no visible street, pavement or any signs of an emerging civilized urban structure.
Please convince me that these people are not living in a desert that once supported a thriving ancient civilization that dominated half of the known world because they and other greedy Western pseudo Democracy's wanted to rape the geography of the land in the pursuit of oil money.

You need only study the efforts of the British Empire to conquer and divide the Sand Belt ( with the help of Lawrence of Arabia and the Turkish Government ) in the early 1900's to realise that it was all an attempt to legitimize the interests of British Petroleum, still known today as BP.

But enough of my history lecture - I have rambled on to illustrate my point.

I'm fully done with seeing grieving scarf clad women in tears and men dressed in white sheets and billowing pantaloons splattered with blood. I'm bored with seeing the remains of mutilated innocents worshiped as idols whilst being lifted with wooden poles into retro makeshift ambulances.

Give me the real movie. The one that ridicules the Sand Belt governments as Poverty Merchants who prostitute their populace as ignorant peasants. The documentary that depicts the Sand Belt as trying to support a civilization that is not very civilized and one that insists on continuing a war based on religious division that is slowly but determinedly infecting the rest of the world with its fucked up ideologies.