Saturday, December 13, 2014


I just want to get drunk
and let the world
look after me
but it won't.

I can't afford the Ferryman
to take me across the void
past all I need
and all that I don't.

It is all I can't afford.
and all the the debts I don't want
except dipping me naked
in the font.

Grab my Achilles
like you grab my dick
and offer me many choices
of all I can't pick.

Your passage of rites
it belies me fame
and try as I may
the game ends the same.

Almighty provider
why do you jest
with my long life
when I have a difficulty to rest.

I take my my steps
with utmost care
why do you tease me
with all that I know is not there.

And try as I may
to comprehend
and play the chords
when will this journey end ?

This symphony so pretty
is tiresome my Lord
I have already spent
all I can afford.

Am I the result
of your intentions
to cast me astray
when you know that solitary I will stay.

And you will beckon me
I know, from my grave
so why is it not sufficient
for me to be so efficient ?

I take so much care
why not do you ?