Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Natural Born Loser

So, you say

you are a natural born loser

shame on you, as you let your life run away

with all your choices

and yet you chose to be a chooser.

Take away my alternatives and you take away yours

give me the point of a knife

and I will show you too many doors.

scream in pain

as you may be an alliterate pig

pegged on all fours.

You can't help but display

oh my golly someone shoulda' had you splayed.

and yet you flaunt your disgusting for me

let everyone see how not you could be

maybe your mum and dad would be dismayed.

So you say I'm a natural born user

as you, idling by

take the choices in life

as is your easy.

passing from the womb to the grave.

Are you really that sure of all the choices you made

that you chose the best to be on display.

go to your altar and genuflect

reminisce on all the choices you reject

pass over all your rights and

piss on everything within your sight.

Do you wanna' be a dog, be a slave

pack your belongings in disarray

we're leaving today on the first train that may

take a long journey past all that you delayed.

on a fast track to nowhere.