Saturday, December 20, 2014


Are you done with stealing every thing off me

your paridograms and your parallelograms

they are your way of letting me know it's usual

to use your expression of fate that I might not relate to

everything that I think is normal.

While the vapours of your illusion

they seem to complete my illusion

and let me sleep with my decaying confusion.

I have no fear why I am here

except that I be a mathematical delusion

that compels me to believe

that my faith is a complete illusion..

Do you often delay the strokes of your fork

allowing me a sense of confusion

whilst you know that I will follow

my innate sense of self of retribution.

Please follow me god

for you know what of I am made of

I and yet it's best not to be delayed

from the stitches that remain frayed..

And you expect me to be slow

with my decision - because you know

that my fate will get even

with this mortal soul I am leaving.