Friday, April 27, 2012

Magnanomous Murdoch ?

2 seconds ago ( 5:31 AM)
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Oh, poor baby Murdoch. So quick to critisize, so slow to comprehend. His empire is done and finished. He may have ignored his babies for 30 years - but he certainly held out his hand to pocket the profits. Oh, I am so sorry that he had to spend so many millions investigating the allegations. Watching the Leveson Inquiry last hight was akin to watching a large fish being shot in a small barrel. At every opportunity he said too much and continually displayed the arrogance of a man who thinks he knows better. It was fun watching a man dig his own grave. If he took off those glasses he would look just like any other bald dick in the street. But he's a clever fuck - notice how his blue tie matched the colour of the caption banners! I actually feel sorry for Lisbeth Murdoch letting this publishing peadophile loose in her panties.What is happening before our eyes is the public humiliation of a pubic errant intent on lining his tomb with the slime of pubescent delusions of grandeur.