Sunday, April 29, 2012

Joining a Club.

At the moment I am thinking of joining a club. Bicycles are not on my list because I don't want gay motorists perving at my skinny lycra clad pedalling arse. Snooker clubs are out because I don't want drunken gay persons perving at my arse leaning over a table - that is a thing only girls do best. Tennis clubs are out because I don't want to waste any more energy that I don't really have running around hitting a ball over a fence - unless my opponent was a bouncing well endowed female with a short dress. Card clubs are out because I get warm scratchy balls sitting under tension around a table.

I could waste a lot of time expressing my my disdain for clubs because most of them seem to involve tight pants and balls. But I have no wish to play pocket billiards with your head anymore.

The only club I really want to be in, is a Bikie Club. These guys do have balls and like to wear tight pants.
It is not the average law abiding citizen who wants a motor and two wheels between his legs, is prepared to carry a baseball bat, chain or gun as a weapon, dispises authority and feels sorry for the average law abiding pissants who occupy the majority of space on this planet and in the media.

It is the 'above' average citizen who is prepared to take the law into his own hands.

I recently posted this to my Facebook page :
Here's my take on the so called "Bikie Wars". The war is now in Queensland. It began in South Oz and moved to Western Oz and then Sydney. It won't happen in Victoria, yet, because there is a reluctancy to pass laws outlawing Bikie Gangs. What is not obvious to the reporting/tabloid media is this : Bikie Groups (that's a much nicer name) are currently housecleaning. There are a lot of weeds that need to be removed from the garden to allow the flowers to grow. The State Governments are trying to establish walls around the garden beds by introducing a form of legal insecticide - but the Bikies have a much more effective method of pest control. We are witnessing a cultural cleansing operation performed by the Bikies to keep their house clean, before Big Brother attempts to close the doors on their garden. *So far, my vote is - Bikies 1, Govt. 0.

We should have already learnt our History Lesson : "It wasn't Abraham Lincoln who made all men equal, it was Samuel Colt !"

(please follow the link below to read more about gardening).|+The+Nation%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher
A DOUBLE shooting in a busy Gold Coast shopping centre is evidence of the worst bikie war in history according to the state's police commissioner.