Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nature's Pressure Cooker

I continually maintain that mother nature will keep seeking ways to right the imbalance the human plague of consumption is causing this planet.

It is interesting that this 'silent' event comes at a time of increasing global natural disturbances such as the explosion of Eyjafjallajokull, unusual weather disturbances, increasing seismic activity in unusual places and the blowout and subsequent capping of the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

This may not be a fortuitous event, but natures way of addressing the damage we are doing to the ecological stability (internally and externally) of this planet - our home.

It seems as though we are now living on a giant pressure cooker that is about to blow off excess forces that we cannot foresee, do not understand and cannot stop.

If this event happens every 300-900 years and the last was supposedly in 1700, we are already within the window of opportunity, or miss-opportunity (if that's the word?). Maybe now is the time to take your long service leave!

*(This is a comment by an enraged goblinono in response to an article titled "Seattle's Ongoing 'Silent Quake' lends Clues to the Big One" at :: -