Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Moon is Cheese

Of course it's shrinking you silly person you! The first comprehensive analysis of the moon rocks returned from the first missions likened their physical composition to that of cheese.

It's sorta' like leaving the refridgerator door open for too long - the light stays on (just like the sun) and the cheese that was once fresh and compact, looses its moisture and shrivels, drys and cracks.

Those scarps are evidence of the drying process - and you all know what happens when your cheese shrinks - it dries and cracks apart. Eventually you end up with lots of little cheeses and thats exactly what's going to happen to our moon - we will end up with lots of moons!

You better start re-assessing your impressions of the impact of climate change when you suddenly don't have one orbiting body to regulate our tides and weather patterns but many much smaller orbiting bodies - or just maybe - none at all, because they are all going to be sucked down to earth by the force of gravity - sorta' like a meteorite shower.

As the saying goes - "you can't have your cheese and eat it too".

Sorta' proves that we really are just a bunch of rodents infesting the planet !

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