Monday, October 11, 2010

Launch their Hearts

This is a comment posted by Goblinono in response to an article "Brain Freezer claims secret of Eternal Life' at -

"Sure sounds like a high-tech facility - rusting warehouse, a table as steps! If you freeze a body today and then defrost it, all you will have is an unfrozen body - there is not necessarily any signs of life because the body is much like a machine that transports the brain and houses the soul. There are theories that the human body weighs around 20 grams less after death - some say that is the weight of the soul, though I would suggest that is the weight of moisture leaving the body. Does anyone really want to be re-born in the future without a soul or spirit - do you really want to take the chance of living in a man made hell and exhibiting the mindlessness of a clone or a zombie? You can't just "launch their hearts", there is more to human life than just a beating heart!"

Friday, 2 July 2010, 1:04:07 PM