Friday, February 26, 2016


So the united free post wall of Berlin world has a new scourge

Immigrants or emigrants, depending on which side of the border you reside in.

Like the unexpected proliferation of bed lice begun in the 60's

By the advertising moguls of the jet age generation.

Had it not been for tourists there would be no international spending

On the luxury of travel and all the internal delights of a country

Damned on outsourcing all it's history and culture and sights

To the detriment of all it's citizens.

Too many countries have been built with the hard labour of the unemployed

Striving to build a better and safer place to live

While escaping the persecution and derision offered by their oppressors

Escaping to a better offering and just grateful to have their lives.

And now the oppressors seem to have failed in their duties to deliver a future

Hordes descend from the mountains of faith to the plains of platitude

That echo in the hollow chambers of democracy

So proudly ensconced in the fables of ancient Greece.

Like the bedbugs of yore and the viral bugs of the apocalypse

Plagues of peoples spread as refugees across our lands

There are many who seek solace but there are many who carry knives in their hands

And they wait for our back to turn whilst they smile and mill around.