Tuesday, February 23, 2016

School Crossings

Hi Earthlings,do you feel you do not belong?

Is there anybody out there ?

Get ready with your whips and chains and be ready to crucify the masters you used to adore.

Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition (2).

.....so cardinal Pell, the Ballarat Monkey stroker is ensconced in the Vatican as an accountant - this has to be a joke ?

He seems to have conveniently erased from his memory any account (joke) of covering his brothers of the lord from frucking up little adults entrusted to his care.

When convenient, his church flies many flags, varying from business to shepherds, but never disclosing that the catholic church is the richest institution on the planet.

And now, glory of glories, he is finally called to account (ha) to give his version of paedophile history to the Royal Co mission.

And behold, the Lord has spoken. His whereabouts during the inquisitory are now disclosed and a legion of complainants will flock to the address.

Oh forsake thee heathens. Little do they realise that they are pawns wriggling within the machinations of that church.

*This must be the greatest swindle the catholic church has ever organised in order to save their pretty sacramental robes and the coins in the vault, steadily accumulating since the inquisition.

I forecast that the commission will need to to deal with an abortion of the legal process because of the unprecedented public display on the occasion.

*Beautiful marketing, awesome strategy, precise accounting.

There will be no accountability, there will be only a loss of memory, the statute of limitations has expired - they have been caught out of time.

And my plea is to all the afflicted complainants and worthy protesters is - STOP NOW. Put down your weapons and go home. No justice will be served by your wanton interruption.

You are playing directly into the hands of your oppressors. Let justice be done. Do not give your authority to a higher power - you will only encourage the perversion of justice.

Go home. You fight the illusory enemy. It is the system you should fight. And then seek rights for those who have been deceived by those who worship democracy as a god.

He is a false idol.