Friday, September 28, 2012

Home Style

Here is a comment I tried to post about an article by Styleist Home called:

House Tour: Inside This 150 Square Foot House By Molecule Tiny Homes (PHOTOS)

at :

My mother said "Don't say anything unless it is kind" but I'm still laughing over this. In Oz this building is called a CARAVAN. As depicted, it is a mobile home designed and built by a male ballerina and his brother in-law who pose as cabinet makers without engineering capabilities. To have been doing this for about "a year" and to get this amount of intenet exposure is astounding. That time frame, in business parlance, indicates they have been doing this for a long time or not at all! Which one of them is holding the baby, and where is the place for a "change table"? Where is there room for the cat's bowls - or is the subliminal message in the main photograph - "there is no pussy in this home"? It's not the intent of these two lovely people that I question but the intent of the author of this article. Shana Ecker is a freakin' genius. She should be writing for a comedy show. The pathos, the drama. the underlying social issues, the politics and the bank balance, the suburban ethos. This woman is every marketing officer's dream come true. This is a beautiful piece about 'downsizing' not just your home, but your relationship. Heck, I'm inspired. Why can't I do something totally left of field outside my range of expertise - like midwifery or UN Peace Consultant? After all, I've been looking after babies and shooting guns for "almost a year". I'm totally qualified in fucking things up. And, the price tag is priceless. What do I get for twenty thou? A pile of icecream sticks, glue and an exploded diagram of the Millenium spaceship?
Maybe I should subscribe to "Modeller's Monthly" and be done with my aspirations as a homemaker or architect.