Friday, September 28, 2012

The Nazi's Evil Influence

Here is a comment I posted in relation to this article :

Being portrayed as a backwards symbol actually makes it a bad luck symbol. The Nazi's were idiots. The 'Iron Man' is actually a symbol depicting the illusory benefits of masturbation. The man is holding the head of his penis with his left hand - signifying the downfall of civilisation due to the conceited efforts of a group of deluded pentacle believers that they were the masters of the universe. It is a symbol of man's conceit for his kind due to excessive stimulation of his sexual organ resulting in delusions of paranoia and domination. An insignia that in its true form represents the movement of the vault of the heavens was mis-interpreted. By reversing the rotation of the hands it becomes an omen of bad luck and it exerts an evil influence and is called a Sauvastika.