Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life's a Bitch - The Schapelle Defence

I am not willing to sleep my way to the top to be popular, ('s a good song - google it).

In fact, I am willing to sleep my way to the bottom just to be unpopular.

I could have posted this to my twitter blogg or my facebook blogg or my linkedin blogg but I decided that if my big brother can close down Wikileaks he can close me down.

So I decided that this time I really want to go public and to hell with anonymity.

The link associated with this article makes the hairs crawl up my back and now I'm going to have to buy a longer shaver.

Wot the hell is happening here ? I call it the 'Schapelle Defence'.

I'm sick of all the bleeding hearts screaming for the release of Corby and now I'm sick of the same bleeders screaming for the release of this under-age adult!

I still find it hard to believe that Corby could not feel the difference in weight in her boogie bag when she passed through customs - how many kilo's was that *(google it) ?

And now I find that I will soon be able to buy a book that spills the beans on the whole Corby Operation. Gimme' a break! If YOU had ever held a kilo of dope in your hand you would know it.
But I must admit that every time I see a photo of the student 'Beauty Therapist' with those beautiful deep blue eyes, I feel so sorry for her. (but at least I'm not getting humped by my asian lesbian lover in a sewer pit in a foreign jail).

I'm getting pretty sick of all the media blitz attempts to free her - goddam it - I want her lawyer working for me on a sympathy card.

Which brings me back to the issue of this mini-adult who claims he bought some dope off a peddler because he felt sorry for the dude's circumstances. *(google that too - it's old news!).

I'm sick of all the rhetoric and hyperbole. Please give me a media consultant who can save my arse like that!

From the minute I heard of his arrest, and the minute I heard of her arrest all those years ago - I thought it just possible that she and him may be guilty, but I also know that the media distorts the facts. And after all the pathetic attempts by her lawyer to free her, I just know that both of their lawyers are media leeches who know how to suck.

I don't really believe that the news media think they are both innocent - they know how to maintain interest in a myth that has already passed it's two weeks lead time. This issue is not about freeing the innocent but about improving the status of the news media. They would like us to think that they have a duty to keep us informed but they really think we are dumb bunnies.

I fail to understand that me, as an average citizen can remember all the background to both of these events, and yet the media keeps re-releasing history as if they have suddenly discovered new facts.

It is no wonder that people like Murdoch and his Ranga minion are running for cover - their time is up......they live in the realm of dinosuars - they would be extinct were it not for them incubating the sensationalism they thrive on.

But, the more I follow this pathos the more I wanna' head for the urinal and lurch my innards.

I'm a dad. I have a 30 year old daughter and a 20 year old son. I'm a little bored right now and my drug dealing business is being taxed out of existence (joke!). Maybe I need some new recruits. Hey, I got a great idea : I'm gonna' run a drug business through my surfboard rental business *(google that!) and conscript all my family to run drugs for me.

Or, maybe I'll take my family overseas and on entering their country through their passport gates I will suddenly become blind and fail to read their drug warning signs. Yeah, that's real cool - my son or daughter will get arrested.......but not me.

I have one word to say to those parents - "weasels".

But do you know why I'm really peeved? Not because my kids got caught. But because I can't milk enough money out of this FOR ME.

I had a lawyer once who was very good at keeping people out of jail, he's famous now - he went down big time for playing in the deep end - he's gonna' spend the rest of his life trying to restore his chameleon reputation.

I am now witnessing two pathetic attempts by two alleged pack mules to get their lives back.

They probably never will - but their lawyers will make enough money out of this to give themselves many lives. I would like both of their lawyers to ask each of these parents why they let their children do this.

This is a perfect example of misplaced parenthood. This is another perfect example of why our civilization is going to hell on a long train with too many carriges that are losing their wheels.

If my son or daughter went overseas and didn't heed the warnings and now face doing time for the crime; I would probably want to neck myself for not being a diligent parent.

But I find that it's getting hard for me to forgive those who f..k up on purpose. If I was walking down your street and wanted to f..k up your neighbourhood and you happened to walk into me and look in my eyes - would you try and stop me?

Do you even know what EVIL looks like ?

I can read the signs. They are put in very simple language for any idiot to understand.

I'm an idiot - but what does that make you?

Life's a Bitch - The Schapelle Defence.

Maybe I deserve this version of Hell because someone thinks they found me out. Well let me shake your hand. Congratulations pissant; you think that by putting me down you've managed to solve the problems of the world. Good on ya' dude - you're a hero.

Now that you've put my lights out you won't be blinded by the glare of me driving into you're insanity.

I say : punish them........................make an example of them. Have the intestinal fortitude to enforce your countries rules. Don't be swayed by the Ranga Ragings of the bleeding hearts.

There are too many people juggling small balls who think they can play the maracca's. It's only after Schapelle's dad passed away that a book is about to be published spilling the beans on his alleged operation.

And it's sad to hear that the youngster accused of buying drugs off some destitute pedlar breaks into tears when he finds that he may spend the next three months in a Bali, excuse me, but where the hell were his parents when he passed through customs - did not anyone notice the signs!

I'm sure that his parents are in tears as well - it must be a very uncomfortable feeling that that cute little arse of his that you wiped and powdered after he shit himself as a baby is going to get reamed by some soul-less peadophile with no conscience.

I would be entirely satisfied if both of his parents offered to do his time - it's not really his fault - he thought this was acceptable behaviour. If that is considered normal - HOW THE HELL DO THEY LEAD THEIR LIVES?

I think 3 months is adequate punishment for the poor dude - it's gonna' make a great book.

P.S. - If I catch you walking down the wrong side of the of the footpath directly into my face you are going to have a problem. God-damn it bitch, it's easier to drive a car than it is to walk, and you certainly can't drive.

Get outa' my face. Go pick on someone you know you can beat - stop bending my boundaries.

P.S.S - If I suddenly lose all of my friends on facebook, twitter and google - I know that you have read this and I've hurt your little feelings.

Love you all.