Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey there Man - Wake up

Hello folks.

Gee, that sounds hippie-ish.

It's a new word. I just need to prod. Where did the reactionaries go ?

I just waited 2 days and didn't get a reaction - are your downloads slow? Or do you really not care?

I'm feeling socially connected. I need this conection. I'm disconnected from the mainstream and I'm figuring you may connect me with reality.

Woops - I may have missed the boat. Or I didn't know how to buy a ticket.

Nup. That's not the point. Iwasn't even eligible for a ticket - I don't meet their criteria.

I posted this here because Facebook would not publish my post.

I'm actually impressed because I've been censored - and that's my point. You all keep on using a second or third party to voice opinions - but that is not YOU.

If you are really peeved; you understand how the network works. And, if you aren't peeved, you aren't paying attention.

Hey there Man, wake up. If you have never talked to your neighbours, what the the frick do you think you are gonna' offer the rest of the world. For Christ's sake, at least talk to your neighbour when you share the ritual of leaving your refuse on the street. We are all polluters - we may as well relish all rolling in the stink together.

But; I need to admit that I am as guilty as you - I discard my waste, but no one accepts it all without a cost, and no one accepts just a small part of it unless they can see a profit.

............*this took too long to write and I'm running out of time because Facebook has a limit and so does Twitter and so does my web provider (a drop-out usually occurs when I think I'm on a roll)! In fact - everyone has got a limit. The problem I have is that they have boundaries and I don't.

They seem to be able to enforce theirs and I can't. It seems ironic that the more socially connected I try to become, the more socially dissorientated I become.

The opinion police will not walk in here now and close me down - they would like me to think this but it will not happen. It is my choice to wear a condom to protect you from insemination - but you wanted me there. Does encouragement predetermine intent (*where the hell is my spell check?)

God-amn this. My point is : "Why are you wasting your time telling third party media to contact me?"

Take the power away from them - just call me! If illusion is your moniker, you will die in disguise.

If you haven't got the courage to call me - then f..k have been sucked into the machine and I don't want to deal with you. Go away and read books by Naom Chomsky or Ambrose Briece.

Give me an opinion - don't give me head.

The internet would like to make you feel that you are part of the new world community. That's realy cool for them and the networking, webworking community just love making you feel comfortable and looked after - just like a pedophile offering you a comfort zone.

F..k the world community. Stop making me feel guilty because I can't contribute. I'm not really concerned about how the rest of the world keeps pumping out beautiful innocent newborns. May God help them. I'm really concerned about conspiracies regarding Thalidomide and the Nazis and Three eyed fish and and the Masons and all the other weird insecurities and possibilities fostered by the media that make us feel like we are all smothered in the Big Blanket supplied by the Big Brother.

*Please wake up - this is not old man's talk - this is reality : If you do not recognise the events of history, you are condemned to repeat the mistakes ~!

I'm sick of being cold. I'm sick of feeling like an Emporer (?) Penguin. - Big, brave, caring, scared and confused and facing extinction.

What have you done to my community? What have you done to my envirionment? You marketing leviathans (?).

Damn your sales technique. Damn your advertisements. Damn your preying on my insecurities. Damn you playing with government taxes. Damn you for f..king with my life.

I'm sick and tired, oh I'm sick and tired (may god bless you Anastacia).

I give up. You are all too big for me. You know that there is a sucker born every minute - and you just love 'em. Good on you, you currency vampires.

At the end of the, that's a beaten turn of phrase. At the end of your last smack, or the end of your last toke, or the end of your last f..k, or the end of your last beat; you really are zilch. You are going outa' here in a cheap arse pine box and you can't fit everything in it that you worked for for all of your life.

Maybe you consider yourself now dead. Good. Sorry that you are gone. I miss you.

I apologise to you that I really didn't take the time to understand what you were trying to say - it was my fault that I didn't want to accept your apology.

I just think that it's all crapp, and the longer you keep this up, the more I'm going to keep this up.

****Keep this up. You manipulative bastards. I know history. So do you.

"It is a beautiful thing to gain a victory un-opposed; but the victor will forever live under skirts"
(re: goblinono. \Today,2011)

I love you all, but some of you are a pain in the arse.