Monday, January 16, 2012

Schettino Shits Himself

This is my response to the tragedy involving the Cruise Ship - Costa Concordia, over 4000 lives at the risk, and the Captain, Francesco Schettino.

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" Leeme' see here: The Captain, Francesco Schettino was originally an Officer in charge of security in 2002. In 2006 he became a Captain after undergoing "....a continuous programme of training.....". (he passed all the required checks), and this was the first night of the cruise. Now, from my understanding - these ships are guided by computer along a pre-designated course, the waters have already been accurately charted and the ship must remain within its designated cruise path - that has already been deemed safe by surveys, satellite and previous cruises. For him to say - "the rocks should not have been there"- is freakin' ridiculous. (Do rocks move ?). This tragedy could have been avoided, had he been a REAL Captain and undergone years of meticulous training and practice. NO. This is the result of "Training and Assessment" - because he met the required 'competencies' in his class attendance for "Cruise Ship Captain 101". ! He is trying to cover his own arse, when in fact he should be consulting his lawyer and SUING his employer for incompetency in allowing an 'incompetent' person to have the responsibility for over 4000 lives. Your local Busdriver would do better than this incompetent prick. He should be tied to a chair on a long rope and repeatedly dunked in the ocean until he drowns.............and the shareholders of this business should sell immediately and force the company into bankruptcy. But -I gotta' laugh because Schettino at this moment is really Schetting Himself."
Maps and graphics about the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which ran aground off Italy's west coast with 4,000 on board.