Monday, November 23, 2009

No, but it certainly made men miserable.

In response to an article "Did feminism make women miserable?" by Barbara Ehrenreich at (2009-19-15) - I posted this comment :

Oh no, please don't place that bait in front of me. How can I possibly resist a chance to speak on behalf of many men who think they were conned. How much longer was the feminist movement going to continue deluding itself that they were actually all about equal rights. Damn, the bitches had a good thing going when they were barefoot and pregnant and devoted to domestic duties. Hey girls, you were on a roll, why did you have to go and mess it all up!

No wonder men think women lack credibility. Why would you want to go and ruin a perfectly good arrangement? Men have dicks. We grunt and we groan and take out the garbage, we conquer and build and dominate - that's what we do, it's a dick thing.You wanna be like us, go and grow a dick. Face it, you aren't us and you can't deceive us any more. You pretty yourself and mask your true intentions and use your sex as a lure, but you won't admit it. You moan and bitch and carry on about how hard it is to be female, what with mother nature's regular reminders of your need to breed; and you spend almost a quarter of your lives bitching and another two quarters preparing to bitch. Hell, that's one week out of four when you're relatively sane - and we gotta live with you! Cut the crap! All that the burning your bras' said was "hey, now they hang just like your balls". Idiots. Who did you think was setting your agenda? Are you sure you were not manipulated by a powerful, vocal minority?

In over thirty years of seeking workplace equality you still have not managed to break through that glass ceiling. There is no equality in the workplace, you are still under-represented in top jobs and income. The only equality you have is your sheer abundance in the workplace. You have taken over large meaningless employment sectors like banks, fast food, call centers, receptionists, marketing consultants, assistants and pole dancers. Wow, great achievement. And if I ever hear one of you tell me again - "I will terminate this phone call if you do not alter your tone of voice" - I will jam my negotiating skills down your freakin' throat!

Do you realize what you did to the economy by demanding equal rights? You managed to force real wages down and boosted unemployment! You took all the menial jobs that blokes had and because you weren't experienced or didn't have the strength or guts to do the real dirty work, you were paid less. All wages went down to create a level playing field and male management saw the advantage in introducing you to other employment sectors. No more overtime, less working hours, the capacity to employ two people for the price of one. You managed to take over management of the pornography industry and then complained that men were degrading women when in fact you encouraged that exploitation because it was a way for your to make more money from our vulnerabilities. You weren't at home bringing up our kids, teaching them decency and morality. No, you wanted to work so that you could have everything men had and become independent. Who the hell is going to bring up our kids when you want a career? You keep behaving like this and sooner or later there is going to be a backlash from men - and it won't be a little flick with the leather whip either dear.

Leave us alone you charlatans, witches and harlots, go and be a natural woman, stop trying to be a man, stop trying to find ways to get through life easy by marrying money. Hey, no wonder we die early and leave you with our fortune. No wonder I'll pay you zillions in a settlement - just to get you the hell outa' my life! Stop making millions from a divorce, eg- you never taught Greg Norman to play golf. Stop blaming me for all your troubles and stop hating me for being preoccupied with sex. And wake up and look at the damage your have already done. I'm sick of hearing you complain that you can't find a good man and you don't know where they are. Do you want to know where they are and why you can't find 'em? The good men, the real men, aren't hanging out in bars waiting to pick you up - no, the real men are at home, living on a meager wage, paying off your debts, watching you rip off a third of their earnings and trying to bring up the kids you so badly wanted but left behind because you wanted a career and equality. You won't find a good man where you are looking because he's too busy fixing up the mess you left when you deserted because you didn't get what you wanted - you poor little thing. He's the man staying home at night, passing the time, dreaming, hoping, self medicating and trying to keep his life on track while loving his kids he hardly ever sees because you say he's not a fit father - go f**k yourself. No you won't find him where you are looking because he doesn't want to be found. He's had enough of women and their demands for equality. He's trying to build a better life for himself, alone, coz' he's sick of spending his life fixing up your problems and being bribed with your sex. Yeah, I know; I can already hear all the females talking about me as another man with issues - "get over it"! Nup, not this little black duck nor lot's of others whose spirit has been broken.

I have a problem with why you want to need to be liberated. Hey, I can repair a machine but all I can ever do is lubricate a woman - there is no repair manual, it's a bloke thing. Stop giving me so much criticism and condemnation and don't even think of getting me started on any other issues of sex, inequality, taboos or deviance coz' i'm done with feminism. I'm over it, it's sorted, I'm liberated. You deal with it. Not tonight dear, I've got a headache.

(Oh, and I am sorry to all those lovely women I have just insulted. They know they do not fit in the category that suits my ignorant, middle aged, jaded, bigoted, dysfunctional, sexist, homophobic, politically incorrect maleness. God bless you - you are beautiful.)

It's such a shame that some of you ruined it for all.

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