Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daily Combat

I came across a quote by Mahatma Gandhi :

"Victory attained by Violence is tantamount to Defeat, for it is momentary".

It reminded me of something Sun-Tzu said :

"Ultimate excellence lies not in Winning every battle, but in Defeating the enemy without ever fighting - The highest form of warfare is to attack strategy itself; the next, to attack alliances; the next, to attack armies".

That prompted me to think of our current culture and society and the enemies we face almost daily. I think Lee Child said it a superior way in one of his novels :

1. Be on your feet and ready.
2. Show them what they're messing with.
3. Identify the Ringleader.
4. The Ringleader is the one who moves first.
5. Never back off.
6. Don't break the furniture.
7. Act, don't react.
8. Assess and evaluate.
9. Don't run head on into me!

My apologies to all those authors concerned, if I seem to have taken them out of context, but there is an association of philosophies implied herein.